Welcome to the world of Tiana Alexandra’s TIANAWORLD and THE GENERAL & ME.

To our dear old friends and new fans: 
Tiana shoots film and presents award winning plays & operas with composer Philip Glass and writer/Librettist Christopher Hampton. They are produced in many languages in key cities all over the world. See Tianaworld Calendar to meet Tiana  & her award wining colleagues in person.
Tiana is finishing my film THE GENERAL & ME and working  on new projects with Christopher Hampton. She runs Hampton-Silliphant Productions based in London UK & Beverly Hills USA. Post a TIANA CALENDAR SEPT will be in  LA, OREGON, WALES, LONDON, BATH, KRAKOW, VIENNA & BERLIN. We will share her photos and stories with you. Stay Tuned!


Tiana and her colleagues in USA, PARIS, POLAND, and VIET NAM have been working non-stop to complete the documentary about General Vo Nguyen Giap, the history teacher who make history. Tiana’s message is hope and understanding. There are more important things than...

Tiana Alexandra-Silliphant on IMDB

Please read about Tiana in both languages: Tiana Thanh Nga, Tiana Alexandra-Silliphant on IMDB. You will explore tianaworld from Tiana who was born in Vier Nam during the French & American wars and escaped to USA. She is now based in 3 regions in Viet Nam. Join...

New Update

Tiana and her post team in HCMC and KRAKOW are working hard to finish her epic film: THE GENERAL & ME 25 years in the making. It is a non fiction film, a personal documentary about about an unlikely friendship between a legendary Master of Revolution & a...

A letter to My Dear Uncle, My Dear Teacher

You have both lived — and defined – a century. Your victory over the French at Dien Bien Phu was the tipping point for global liberation movements. Your strategies showed them that a handful of men – armed with patience, determination and riding bicycles – could send the imperialists home, disgraced. Those ‘unforgettable days’ helped to end European colonialism.